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About Adoptions

The adoption process takes a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 1 year. This is based on when the relinquishment of the parental rights of the natural parent(s) is obtained.

To view information about the filing fee for an adoption download a printable civil filing and appearance fees list.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Can I get a copy of my own adoption papers?

The adoptive parents or child may request a Certificate of Adoption which states the date and place of adoption, the child's birth date, the names of the adoptive parents and the name the child has taken. A release of information requires an order from the court. Forms are available in the clerk’s office to request additional information.

Are there any additional fees in an adoption case?

There is a fee for the investigation that is conducted by the Human Services Agency.

Download a printable civil filing and appearance fees list

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