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MyCitations Public Notice:

Glenn County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability To Pay Tool For Infractions. For eligibility information, click here.
Request a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.


  • Adoptions

    View information about the adoption process.

  • Appeals

    After a trial court decision, you may seek appellate review if you believe there was a legal error.

  • Civil Cases

    Learn about filing a civil case with the court.

  • Collections

    View information about the court's collections process.

  • Criminal Cases

    If you do not have an attorney and cannot afford to hire one, you may ask the Court to appoint one for you at your arraignment.

  • Domestic Violence

    View  free and low-cost help in domestic violence cases, hotlines and other resources.

  • Family Law Facilitator

    The Family Law Facilitator assists self represented family law litigants.

  • Grand Jury

    Learn about the role of the grand jury.

  • Juvenile Court

    The juvenile court is a division of the superior court. It handles Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Dependency.

  • Landlord / Tenant / Unlawful Detainer

    The information for landlords and tenants generally describes steps required in residential eviction proceedings in California.

  • Mediation

    A mediator works with both parents so you can come up with a plan that is best for your child.

  • Probate

    Learn about the probate process.

  • Records

    Learn how to look up case information.

  • Small Claims

    In Small Claims court, disputes are settled in a fair, quick and inexpensive manner.

  • Traffic Court

    View information about traffic court and paying traffic ticket online.

  • Trial Jury

    View jury service information.

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